Friday, August 15, 2008

Kalki Avatar

First of all, wishing everyone a very happy Independence Day !

Now posting the last Avatar in the list of Lord Vishnu's Dasavathars, the Kalki Avatar.

The Kalki Avatar is supposed to be the most powerful among all the Dasavathars. What makes it more intriguing is that incarnation has not yet taken place, a fact that adds to its enigma !

The earliest reference to the Kalki Avatar is found in the India's great epic, the Mahabharat. Rishi Markandeya tells Yudhishtir, the seniormost Pandava, that Kalki will be born to Brahmin parents. He would excel in academics, sports and warfare, and thus become a very intelligent and powerful young man.

His arrival is stipulated at a time when the earth is engulfed in crisis because of a tyrannical and powerful ruler. Kalki Bhagwan is said to be mounted on a strikingly beautiful White Horse, and is most often picturised in the foreground of a dark sky. This symbolises his coming at a time when darkness (evil) is the order of the day, and he is the saviour to rid the world of its sufferings. This is similar to the Parashuram avatar, where Lord Vishnu killed the atrocious Kshatriya rulers.

It should be noted that the common thread among all of Lord Vishnu's Avatars is that he always arrives when his devotees/people have been suffering at the hands of an evil/vain ruler. A legend that gives credence to this fact is that once, Lord Vishnu's Dwarpal's (watchmen), Jai and Vijay, insulted a group of sages who had come to pay the Lord a visit. The sages cursed them to be reborn as tyrannical Asura kings on earth, and get Moksha (salvation) only when they are killed at the hands of Lord Vishnu. Thus, whenever Jai and Vijay are reborn as kings, they create such a unbearable state of anarchy that Lord Vishnu takes the form of a saviour and frees them from their earthly bond.

The Kalki Avatar is the most eagerly awaited one, more so because it will signify the cleansing of the world from all its sorrows that have been accumulated for many millennia. He is to arrive at the end of Kalyug, the dark age, and will mark the beginning of the Sat Yug. According to calculations, there are still many years left for that to happen (The Kalyug extends for a period of 432000 years, and it has just started). When we have such advanced military technology today, it will be interesting to see (though we may not, unless we do not manage to attain salvation by then, and are still caught in the rebirth cycle) what kind of weapons Kalki Avatar utilises.

With the Kalki Avatar, the series on Lord Vishnu's Dasavathars has come to an end. As per the below list, the Kalki Avatar perfectly completes the scientific aspect of the Dasavathars. After Lord Krishna, who was a military strategist, there is a long gap until we find the Ultra modern Kalki Avatar, who is the saviour of the earth and annihilator of evil. The complete chain of the Dasavathars is as follows:

Matsya (fish-aquatic) -> Kurma (tortoise-amphibian) -> Varaaha (boar-mammal) -> Narasimha (half animal - half man) -> Vamana (pygmy-human) -> Parasurama (early man) -> Ram (righteous man) -> Balaram (farmer/villager) -> Krishna (modern day military strategist) -> Kalki (Ultra Modern/High Tech Warrior)

From the next post onwards, I will be focussing on the knitty-gritties of day to day rituals, beliefs and traditions of Vedic life that have a deep scientific meaning. Also, the various inventions and discoveries made by ancient Vedic India's scholars and scientists will be featured. So keep reading,

Nikhil Mundra


neha said...

isnt buddha considered an avatar of vishnu? and the 10th avatar...

kalki should be 11th no?(not yet herE)

Nikhil Mundra said...

Hi Neha,

Thanks for the comment.

First of all, as it is "Dasavathars", there cannot be an 11th Avatar (Das = 10)

You are right, there are some groups who believe that Lord Buddha is a part of Lord Vishnu's Dasavathars. In fact, people say that the 8th,9th,10th Avatars are Krishna, Buddha and Kalki. I have listed them as Balaram, Krishna and Kalki, and Buddha does not feature in the list.

I chose Lord Balaram as it tallies with the common thread linking the Dasavathars - Lord Vishnu descends on the earth to put an end to the tyrannical reign of a certain ruler, who is the actually the rebirth of one of his Dwarpals (watchmen) - Jai and Vijay.

If you remember, Lord Balaram was equally involved when Lord Krishna killed Kansa, and was also part of the Mahabharat War, which brought about the triumph of good over evil.

Lord Buddha never indulged in any violent activities, leave alone killing someone. Thats what convinced me that the 8th Avatar was Lord Balaram rather than Lord Buddha.

In fact, Lord Krishna has overshadowed Lord Balaram to such an extent in the Mahabharat that we hardly consider the latter's role...

Nikhil Mundra

Anonymous said...

hi nikhil i am yatharth sonthalia from kolkata. i read your article on lord vishnu's 10 avatars and i think that balaram was the incarnation of lord's sneshnag the one in which he used to seat at the baikunth. this thing is also mentioned in our bhagavat gita. please do reply to this.

kaatikuddupaan said...

Yes, I also think Lord Balaram is in the same situation as Lakshman was with Sri Ramachandra.

However I also accept your point about Buddha not doing anything to detroy violent rulers.

Also remember that Buddha appeared only 2500 years ago whereas Kali Yuga started 5000 years ago and so technically Buddha could not be an avatar as in the age of Kali, only Kalki avatar appears to detroy adharmic forces.

Nikhil Mundra said...

Hello Yatharth,

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

Yes, I agree with you that Lord Balaram has been mentioned as the Sesha Nag. That's why I have called him a "shadow-Avatar" rather than a full-fledged one.

Please refer to my "Krishna Avatar" and "Balaram Vs Buddha" posts and comments to know more...

Nikhil Mundra

Nikhil Mundra said...

Hello Kaatikuddupaan,

Thanks a lot for your insight giving the reference of the Yugas.

Nikhil Mundra

Siddhant said...

hello dere, buddha cannot be lord's incarnation boz whatever he taught was against the vedas
and we should not concentrate on lord having only 10 avatars, bhagwatam states 24, also as said , god has innumerous incarnations......
'aneka rupa rupaaya, vishnave prabha vishnave'

Nikhil Mundra said...

Hello Siddhant,

Yes, you're right about Buddha not being an Avatar. Check out my post "Balram Vs Buddha", where I have elucidated the same.

Nikhil Mundra

Abhinav Kadambi said...

i dunno about buddha being an incarnation or not but what i surely know is that your scientific aspect of the avatars is true.i've heard about the scientific aspect some 3-4 years ago in vivekananda kendra.

Nikhil Mundra said...

Hi Abhinav,

Yes, this belief of the Dasavathars being an explanation for the evolution process has been doing the rounds for quite some time. That's why I made it the topic for my 1st series of posts.

Nikhil Mundra

shabeer said...
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Naveen said...

Many people believe the Kalki Avatar is to appear in 2012. Remember Hindu calender was much different in ancient times. Compared to the modern calender used today I believe. Also alot of the dates were changes to appeal with christains ie. BC and AD. We could be many years away from the end of Kuli Yuga, I just wanted to point out these details. If were not living in kuli yuga then what type of planet are we living in. there is so much coruption, evil, wars, poverty. To me it sounds about the right time for the Kalki Avatar to appear on earth.

Raghavendra said...

I am really not getting the correct answers about Kalki's Born. It has been depicted in Vishnu puranan that when sun, earth,moon, jupiter comes in same line, Kalki will come. This is suppose to happen in 2012 it seems. But it also says he will come when there no belive of god in people, no yagnas happen and people dont dacrifice for each other. But 2012 cannot be the year to happen all these I have mentioned, still people belive in god and they do yagnas.

mahender said...

Please refer to the Bhavishya and Kalki puranas in which its clearly mentioned that the Kalki Avathar will come after 5000Years of Kaliyuga as we are in the 5111th year. Its time for the Kalki Avathar to come.

anand said...

still 427000 years left for kalki avatar. kalki will kill all people except the person who beleive on god. hardly 100000 people left from there regeneration begins.

Anonymous said...

Actually I got proper time and age cycles from a friend. She said we are in Dwarpa Yuga and we are passed though Kali Yuga, the cycles go from Satyua to kali, and then back up in opposite direction. And there is a Yogi who did proper calculations, his findings were we will see Lord Kalki in our lifetimee. This is suppose to happen in 2012. Peace.

rahul said...

hey whers the lord buddha avatar
of shri vishnu bhagwan

rahul said...

thre are four yugs avtars
kalki avatar will commimg after last stage of kalyug

shreya upadhyay said...

As science said dat the world is going to enr in so no humans will be der on earth...keeping dis in mind,I can say dat it will definately come in 2010.
as lord kalki will kill many of us n very few of dem will made to live...if so is gonna happen...he must come in 2012...
wat say Nikhil??

Anonymous said...

An enlightened person is one who has dropped all demarcations; who is not a Christian, who is not a Hindu, who is not a Mohammedan, who is not a Buddhist, who is not a communist, who is not a fascist, who is not man, who is not woman, who is not young, who is not old -- who has dropped all lines of demarcation, who lives without definition. To live without definition is to live infinitely, because all definition is a finitude. To define means to make finite.

An enlightened person is indefinable, infinite. He has no lines. An enlightened person is the richest person possible, but his richness comes from surrender, not from fight. He does not... he has not any conflict with the whole. An enlightened person comes to know that independence is impossible, dependence also impossible. An enlightened person functions totally differently. He himself does not know where he is going, and he is not worried about it either. He does not think about it -- where he is going. He trusts: wherever he is going, it is good. His trust is total and infinite. He trusts life, you trust yourself. He trusts the whole, you trust a tiny part. He trusts the immense, the infinite, you trust the mediocre human mind. His trust makes him wise; your trust makes you stupid. You doubt the whole and you trust yourself. He has dropped himself and he trusts the whole. He is never to be frustrated, he has no regrets. He never looks back, because whatsoever was -- and whatsoever was, was good. An enlightened person is an absolute, unconditional 'yes'. It is very difficult to understand it unless you have tasted something of it. That is the only way to know about it.

The reality is neither dependent nor independent; the reality is interdependent. We exist together. And when I say 'we', the trees are included, the mountains are included, and the skies are included. When I say 'we', everything is included, nothing is excluded. We exist together. We are together.




Anonymous said...

” Enlightenment is a very simple and ordinary experience”
One day just sit down and note how your life is being wasted, and how much time is left just for you. You will not find seven hours. I am absolutely certain it will be impossible to find seven hours in seventy years of life. If sometimes you have some time, then friends are there, picnics are there, football matches are there, and Olympics are there. From every direction you are being called.
Enlightenment itself is absolutely simple, but to say so is to destroy all priesthood. To say it is ordinary is to take away the very base of all the religions, their great scriptures, great masters, rabbis, messiahs. What meaning will these people have if enlightenment is an ordinary, simple, human experience?
No, they all will deny that it is simple and human, and they will all emphasize that it is superhuman, very arduous. Hindus say it takes thousands of lives to attain it. Buddhists say even Gautama Buddha, such a superman, had to pass through millions of lives before he could manage to reach the peak which is enlightenment. In fact the very idea of extending life into millions of lives is a by-product of making the experience of enlightenment so difficult, so impossible, so far away, that one life is not enough.
How can you attain enlightenment in one life? One life is too short. Perhaps that is the reason that in Mohammedanism, Judaism, Christianity, there exists nothing equivalent to enlightenment. These three religions were born outside India. These three religions believe only in one life. Just in one life, all that you can do is to believe in a savior, in a messiah: cling to his apron and he will take you. You cannot depend upon your own effort, because what effort can you make?
Just look at your life. Half your life is simply wasted in sleeping, taking baths, eating food, changing clothes, shaving your beard. The most important years of life are wasted in learning all kinds of rubbish: geography, history, geometry. By the time you come out of university you are almost thirty. If you have gone on to attain a Ph.D. or D.Litt. you are thirty. The best time of your life has gone down the drain. And now you have to get married, and the wife, and the children, and the service, and the politics... all your time is taken up.
If you count, you will not find even seven hours in seventy years which are absolutely yours. No, life keeps you engaged... in the movies, with the television, with the radio, in the churches, in the synagogues, in things in which perhaps you are not interested at all... in God.... I can't think what kind of a man is interested in God. And why? What wrong has he done to you? You don't even know whether he exists or not but you listen to sermons on God every Sunday. People are reading the same Bible, the same Gita, every day continually, their whole life. And how much life you have got? Only seventy years.
Enlightenment is not something special; it is one of the most simple, natural phenomena. Just because it is so simple and natural it has become extraordinarily difficult for man to understand.




naemy said...

i 9 dat kalki avtaar will come n i've a believe in dis.i have a gr8 belief in hinduism n vedas n lord shiva

kalki said...

I am here, tell me whom to kill, i am confused here.

TheVillan said...

Hey Bro, Hi there!

TheVillan said...

Sonia gandhi is kali in disguise. Kill him

Anonymous said...

He came nd departed 1400 yrs ago named as Muhammad(s)prophecies from Kalki Purana:Mother's name:Sumati(in Arabic:Aamina)Father's name:Vishnu Yaas(in Arabic:Abdullah)he vl b born in leader tribe in the family of d leader(Known as Quraish tribe and dat leader is Abdul Mutallib)He vl born in desert ane land of Dates and Olives(known as Saudi Arabia)He vl b helped in the 1st battle by angels(Knowns as battle of Badr)He vl b helped most by 4 in his entire lyf(1st 4 caliphs of Islam)He vl recieve God's 1st revelation in cave through an angel(Dat Cave is Ghaare Hira and Dat angel is Jibrael)ane read more by uaslf in kalki purana and Yajurveda regarding Kalki Avatar

Anonymous said...

He vl born in Sambhala where there is elayis padh(Sambhala:Place of peace:Makkah,as in Quran,Elayis Padh(Elayis:Allah or God,Padh:as v all know wt it means in Hindi)Finally its is Baitullah(Kaaba)

safira said...

Consider Kalki being born out of a person who was from a different faith and had to go through all adversities in life coz he wanted to know God and see Him with his earth-eyes. Consider when Kalki finally found the reason behind complete enlightenment and finally knew the whole of Holy Geeta by heart, and found all scriptures from Holy Quran to be giving witness to the truth only, consider Kalki now knows what the Truth you all fight about is,
How is it that he will come forth to save the world?
At time of his rebirth with the Truth, he shall be quite helpless coz no one will believe him, as he will be the only one who understands the truth. If he wants he can singly exist and care not for anything atall, but his soul will thirst for salvation of fellow humans. But who will listen to what he has to say?

I know we all are confusions final state and it leaves our minds blank. All these years we have copied and pasted from what we heard of people saying, other people's words, their definition of everything is everything we are. But you have no idea with all its confusions too, this world is the prettiest it ever could be.

Does anyone here think you will know him when he comes? coz he will say all things that are real. the real cause. Against this society. But You will think this is the highest level of crazy person talking. :)

I am not asking any of us for a way. There is no way.
I donot ask me either.
haha. :) this is fun.

Imagine Kalki speaking to you like this. :)

Avi said...

Hi Nikhil & All,

A] 8th,9th,10th Avatars are Krishna, Buddha and Kalki.

Lord Balram is never an avtar of Vishnu but of Sheshnag

Vishnu : SheshNag :: Raam : Laxman :: Krishna : Balram

I hope this analogy explains clearly.

B] Dwarpals (watchmen) - Jai and Vijay were born as Hirayaksha & Hiranyakashpu.

Hirayaksha was provided moksha by Varah avatar whereas Hiranyakashpu by Narshimha avtar.

Avishek Arang.

*One may refer to respective mythological references.

Ashwani said...

Totally aggreed with you Avi...even some Local sources say that he (Balaram) didn't died a nag came out of his mouth and entered in a cave which still stands today(Don't know where?...but you can browse it's available in net)

karanegoes said...

EVEN lord buddha is one of his avatar, where as u had put balarama (farmer) is incorrect, Because he was brother of shree krishna as avatar of his shesh naag, who incarnate with lord vishnu.

jaish said...

but i read some where that lord vishnu's kalki avatar has already been born around 1965 and he will start his campagin around 2010 and finally in 2065 he will defeat kali.

kanha said...

ever meditate ,able to keep your mind blank for hours together, without putting an effort,able to think like a child ,out of the box,like einstein not bothered about wat marks he got instead saw strange things happening around him ,what happens when an object travels at speed of light,then mass should be Zero,(My stupid reasoning - -does that mean spirit can travel without body ? )it could be nature,the astronomy,reasoning why are we born...see things diffferently ,it doesn't mean a person is a genius ,but he luckily stumbled upon something any human could have to meditate..leave your heart, mind, body, soul, free on its own without any expectaions...for couple of hours daily and you'll see that the world is so differrent than it actually looks i like it.You don have to wear saffron and stop smilin' if you meditate...its just beautiful feeling .

kanha said...

This planet is called "Dhruvaloka" and we see it as the polestar. It is said to be 3,800,000 yojanas above the sun (one yojana is equal to 8 miles). Above Dhruvaloka by 10,000,000 yojanas is Maharloka. Above Maharloka by 20,000,000 yojanas is Janaloka, a further 80,000,000 yojanas lies Tapaloka, and above by 120,000,000 yojanas is Satyaloka. The Vaikuntha planets begin 26,200,000 yojanas beyond Satyaloka.

The scripture "Vishnu Purana" describes that the outer covering of the universe begins 260,000,000 yojanas above the sun. About 70,000 yojanas below the earth begin the seven lower planetary systems of Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala, and Patala. Below these planets 30,000 yojanas is the Garbhodaka Ocean where Sesa Naga lies. This ocean is 249,800,000 yojanas deep. This gives an approximate diameter of the universe as 500,000,000 yojanas or 4,000,000,000 miles. These distances are calculated according to the distances between the planetary "planes" of existence. Actual distances between planets may be more.

Article Source:

I came across this article..if the lokas can be so measured ..then it should be real existing...

kanha said...

you cannot see god ..again my stupid coz its just energy..likesolid,liquid ,gas,energy can't be seen unless its transformed somehow to light(emitting photons) form ..u can't see heat/cold ,EMF or currentflowing through a wire..but still feel it. On earth our body composing of pancha bootha(five earthly elements) is held together by the energy... our soul,we can see each other coz we have bodies made of earthly matter which we use to stay on earth souls we would only be able to feel each other there would be no five sense organs without body .....MAY BE in some other planet or loka people people/souls use some other form of body ,comprising of materials local to their planet....WOOoooW...! sEEMS LIKE SCIENCE FICTION movie..

kanha said...

wish people could remember their previous birth being born in some other planet...

S_supernova said...

I am Lord Kalki
I know you won't believe and it
might sound some1 fanatic but
it was my duty to inform the world.
The rest , Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

first of all u should understand the meaning of sanskrit word 'avatar',it means the 'one who has been appointed'or 'send down'.second if u go through the puranas one of the scriptures of the hindus u will see the point,"The perfect horserider and the swordsman of the time" and "he will ride on a white horse which is faster than light",,,,,,now can u imagine a man (a horse rider)in the time of superbike riders and swordsman in the era of guns and missiles. please wake up my hindu brothers.. kalki avatar had came,appointed and gone after completing his task 1400 yrs ago in the form of prophet MUHAMMAD(PBUH).. mail

Nitin said...

I am Nitin...Kalki horse i think will be his white energy (aura) & he travels with speed of air not physically but mentally (virtually) using vedic techniques.

I think Kalki isa already present on earth, living as normal human being...but he need to change one day to fulfill his duties.

His arms & ammunition will not be gun,grenade etc but it will be physic powers of saints.

VidVish Shetty said...

Kalki avatar has already taken place as it is rightly said in bhagvadh gita "Kalki avatar will silently come & go". People will realize his importance when that session is over. Even in dwaparyuga all ppl were not accepting krishna as vishnu avatar only gyani was able to understand that....

Fools are waiting for his arrival...

"kaliyug anth hogaya sathyug prarambh hogay" When he use to spread this truth no one was believing & now all are waiting for the power.

Anonymous said...

to my muslim brothers who believe prophet muhammed to be kalki avatar:

Please do not forget that according to kalki puran, lord kalki comes down to destroy evil and restore peace in the world. Did muhammed do this? Infact, after the birth of Muhammed, the evil increased drastically in this world. Kalki is believed to destroy evil and then Satyug (golden age) will start. Did the golden age start after muhammed's birth or death? In real sence, muhammed gave islam to this world which inturn gave terror and death to this world.

And if you still feel that muhammed was an avatar of Lord Vishnu, then it means that you accept that hindu scriptures are right. it means you accept thst Lord Vishnu is the only God! In that case stop worshipping Allah and start worshiping Lord Vishnu.

Anonymous said...

very good

muazzam said...

you can't accuse whole of a religion for the acts of a few bunch of people, Islam means peace and submission to the God its one ofthe most fundamental thing that is incorporated firstly in a newly born Muslim. Islam is a religion of peace its how we greet each other as Asalamoalaikum which means peace be upon you well i can understand why people stereotype Islam like this now, its because of how u are fed from the environment around you, and one more thing never judge some religion from its people but judge them from there scriptures what they are taught only than you can understand the true essence of its teachings.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to add to all the muslims posting as anonymous be careful wht you wish for. As one of the knowledgeable Hindu just mentioned - We believe one god is our lord Vishnu. If you believe in one you have to believe in all. You will have to drop your religious book and accept vedic way of life. Stop eating meat and cows under name of halal.

arpit singhal said...

here is your so much awaited prophet come and check original prints of my palm where you will see sign of sankham nd sign of trishul which is the original signs of kalki and many proofs but i need supports of good indians not of fools..........come and join my army on facebook

i need you support becuse i belong to a very simple family and dont have so much followers like baba ramdev. and the person who will finance my whole project i will sign an agreement with him that he will be the next prime minister of india..........i have everything,i know everything and i will change the history of india

Amit Kumar said...

there is only one way..BE HONEST n search for the truth...i'm trying to find the truth about kalki these days and ya its very true that prophet mohammed and kalki avtar has striking similarities...i prayed, i said " O my creator i'm confused, i donno who You are. i donno if You are vishnu or brahma, allah or jesus. i know nothing. i don't see the right path which leads to You. Help me and put me on Your true religion. "

I'm still trying to find the reality of religion, reality of kalki and i can't deny the fact that mohammed is the nearest and clearest match of this 10th avtar of lord vishnu. I believe that truth is meant to accept and not to ignore. I can't turn my eyes from truth and i guess that's what we are looking for, TRUTH....Amit

Anonymous said...

Bhagwan buddha fits better as 9th awataar in evolution theory and Bhagwaan Kalki will be highly spiritual, the destruction of evil will be on the spiritual plane.

Anonymous said...

Light age has started...we are all astral light bodies. Golden age has started 2013. Destruction of evil has started and yes this time it will be via light...that evryones inner light! And that is kalki.

Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing! Oh ye fools try to grow up. Hinduism is not as myopic as you tend to see. Everyone who came, comes and will come to uphold Truth holds great esteem in Hinduism. One needs realisation to understand this. Balrama and Buddha were both Hindu. Buddha came to destroy the corrupted way of Hinduism. You may call him or not call him an avatar is up to you. But the truth about him and the world will not change. He was the incarnation of compassion. He brought many soul towards salvation and this is no ordinary work for comman people. Grow up. Read, meditate and practice... U will surely get your answer of who is the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Don't indulge on useless debates for the sake of satisfying your ego. Be above the ego and you will see the Truth...

Anonymous said...

Few things are very common like using terrorism to criticize Muslim when people of every religion indulge in this kind of activity. like Hitler and today even in Srilanka, in Assam, Bihar, Manipur, Nagaland, Mumbai ect. you will find some terrorist group who are not Muslim but never talked about them. Why brothers??? Don't use such language which terrorize other people hence you became a terrorist

Anonymous said...

kalki avatar is the avatar of Maa Kali Maa Durga Maa sab buraiyon ka anth karegi. aur kya pata jinki hum itni prateeksha kar rahe hai woh iss dharti par aa chukii hai aur dushton ka anth aarambh ho chuka hai...JAI MATA DI

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

do not wait for miracles to happen where u can see the LORD coming in his WHITE HORSE AND SWORD IN HIS HAND to destroy this kalyug.

Kalyug arthaat woh yug juske upar kaal mandrah raha ho. Jo dushton se bharaa ho aur inn sab ka naash karne hetu Maa KALI arthaat MAA KALKI jo iss kaal yug ka naash karegi.

Maa Kalki koi chamatkaar nahi karne wali. Woh to hamere beech rehkar humain sahi maarg dekhaegi, humain tyaag karna, apno se pyaar karna, puri shradha aur sachayi se jeevan ghrateeth karna, buraiyon se ladna, humare bacchon ko sacchi shiksha pradaan karne wali hai.

Anonymous said...

Visit this

Anonymous said...

Kalki might now b in his senses. will use internet as his weapon ..brng equalty .. no destruction .. just chnge of heart n he might b very cool god

Anonymous said...

He might b in high school n preparng for ths batle ..

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that kalki avatar had already incarnated a long time ago

Aatma said...

Good to see you guys having a debate on who is kalki blah blah blah. Kalki has already come down preparing for war, and this time its not a single manifestation, it is a group of intelligent people all gathered for a cause. The white horse you guys blabbering about is a Trojan Horse, and all of you know what is mightier than the sword. Kalki will not tell anyone about the arrival specially knowing how people are blinded by their prophets teaching them jihad etc.
Come on children, grow up... Stop sinning before your records are stored into his great database. Very soon his sword will be raised and all of you guys raping, killing and forgetting that the person you are affecting is in fact a part of you. Instead of discussing kalki avatar and whether he/she has arrived yet or no. Be a human being and respect other living beings. Lest the sword severe your head.

A message to the false claimants: No one needs to be told who kalki is, the day kalki strikes all of you will know kalki has come.

Wish to know who i am? I am light? I do not even exist on this planet. And there is no way you could ever reach me, not even the administrator of this blog will be able to tell who i am.

See you soon!

Akhand Bharat Ek rahe!
Jai Hind!
Jai Bharat Varsh!
Bharat Mata ki jai!

Yadaa Yadaa hi Dharmasya Glaanir bhavati Bhaarata
Abhyuthaanam Adharmasya Tadaatmaanam Srjaamy Aham.

Aatma said...

Praritranaya Sadhunam
Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam
Sambhavami Yuge-Yuge.

Anonymous said...

As per Hindu's scriptures, the Last Avtar "KALKI" had come already 1400 years back, that is the Last and Final Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him)the son of Abdullah.

I don't say this, it is written in a Hindi book published recently 3 years back.

The author was a scholar in Hindu. If any Muslim or chiristian published such a book, that person might have been put behind the bars by that time and the book might have been prohibited for selling.

This book was published from Bengal and it is being kept in the Allahabad University as an evidence.

The Author is an eminent Sanskrit Pandit, a Brahmin, whose name is Pandit Vaidh Prakash.

Through his unrelenting Harder research, when he completed his book, submitted to 8 other scholars of similar line, who all attested the book.
The following are the reasonings for the Pandit to Claim Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) as Kalki Avtar and the reasons are also from the Vedas:

1. As per Vedas, Kalki avatar is the final Avatar. It can be possible only to Prophet Mohamed.

2 . According to the forecasts of the Hindu Ved scriptures , the incarnation of Kalki will take place which is surrounded by water. This is matching to the Arabian Peninsula surrounded by Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean & Red Sea.

3 . Hindu sacred Vedas texts say that the Kalki Avatar's father is Vishnu yash / Vishnu Bhagat which is being translated as "Vishnu = Lord & Bhagat/Yash = Slave, i.e., Lord's slave. Prophet Mohamed's father name is Abdullah (Abdu = Slave & Allah = Lord, full conceived meaning is The Lord's slave.

The mother's name in Vedas is Semanip / Sumathi = Peace
Prophet Mohamed's mother's name is Amina which conceives the translation to Peace.

So, the parents names are also matching with Vedas & Arabic

4 . As per Vedas, Kalki Avatar will eat olive and Dates and he will be honest .

Prophet Mohamed ate Olives & dates and we knew that he lead a life with Honesty. In India there is no Olives & Dates just to stay alive. So , it is true, in the case of Muhammad as Pandit Prakash writes .

5 . Vedas say that Kalki Avatar would be born in the family with high value whereas Prophet Mohamed born in Quraish family which a most respectable family.

6 . Vedas say that Kalki avatar will be given wisdom of God in a cave through Lord's ambassador.
similarly, Prophet Mohamed was imparted wisdom through an Angel by Name Jibreel in Hira Cave.

7 . Moreover , Vedas say that Kalki avatar will be provided with a swiftly Flying white horse by the speed of the wind.
Prophet Mohamed rode over the the flying horse (name is Burak)on the night of Mihraj to seven heavens and returned on the same night.

8 . As per Vedas, Kalki Avatar would be greatly assisted by the Lord God, and will be strengthened.
Prophet Muhammad , on the battle field of Badr , God helped Prophet & His troops through his Angels and won the victory.

9. Moreover, in some cases as per the Vedas, Kalki Avatar will be expert in Horse Riding, Sword & Spears Fighting. At this point , Prakash Pandit who says that , the most important , thing to note is intended . Ie , horse riding , swords and spears fighting become obsolete during this era. Those type of fighting has gone away. Now is the Era for modern weapons, guns, cannons, missiles, bombs etc. So, Panditji concluded that still believing and expecting for the Avatar who will fight with those Arrows and Spears riding on the horse back is meaningless. So, Prophet Mohamed was the Last Avatar as mentioned in the Vedas as concluded by Panditji.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, first of all, I just want to say, and by viewing previous comments, I shall make a few things clear. The Buddha is not one of the ten avatars. He went completely against The Vedas. Secondly, Kalki is not set to come on 2012, because 1. Kali Yuga has not reached its final stage yet. 2. 2012 is not the end of the world. Mayan Calender has been proved wrong by Historians. And thirdly, (no criticism to any religion), Kalki is not Muhammed and then again, Kali Yuga was far from its end when Islam was established. Kalki is said to come at the end of Kali Yuga, when all faith in God has gone and the world is in turmoil.So far, Kali Yuga started at 3021 BC and it takes only a matter of counting to find out how many years have been completed since then. That is 5100 years.And the time span of Kali Yuga is said to be 470,000 years. Be patient, God is always in our hearts. Thanks, and as previously stated, I just wanted to clear this up.

William Evans said...

Just out of interest... Did you know that the Mahdi (of Islam), the Christ King (Maha Vishnu), Kalki, Maitreya and The 3rd Incarnation of Sai Baba (Nishikal Sai) are all One and the Same Peronality? (No wonder He is known as the most powerful Avatar)

There's a great Poet who speaks about such things... Here's His account:

I think He's also on Facebook ("Sober Poet"), but I think He threw away the key...

One Love!

May the White Horse Ride!


Veronica said...

The common belief is that the dashavatar are:

8: Krishna
9: Buddha
10: Kalki

Obviously there is a lot of open debate about it, given a lot of Buddha's teachings seem to go against the vedas on some things.

But from what I have seen, it is still the most commonly accepted viewpoint

deepankar said...

hey its good to see u all saying nonsense about kaliyug and kalki avatar.
but do u even know what does "kal" means?
according to what i read in sanskrit, "kal" means "machines".
so we can sy that kaliyug means "the age of machines".
and nothing end or no one dies after a yug ends, as we are still getting evidences of ramayan and mahabharat. if every thing gets destroyed then how come these evidences are still in existence.
just give it a thought...